A Quick Guide To Anonymous Tracking In Instagram


Instagram has become a staple social network for image or photo lovers who want to meet new people and share experiences with their family and friends on social media. For security purposes, social media users on Instagram and other social media platforms can only see one another’s posts when they’re connected or friends. But there’s a way to track a user’s Instagram account anonymously for some good reasons. 

Are you wondering how you can track somebody on Instagram? Read this guide for you to learn how to track profiles on Instagram anonymously.

Reasons People Track Instagram Accounts Anonymously

Advancement in digital technology has led to the development of social media tracking apps, such as Insta stalker

Check the following reasons people like to track Instagram accounts anonymously:

  • Parents Want To Track Their Children

Parents are concerned about tracking what’s happening to their teenage children on this social media platform. Social stalker apps can help parents check what their children post, watch, or do on Instagram. 

  • People Want To Make Peace

Social media must be a peaceful and friendly platform for everyone. Friends or family members with misunderstandings can check one another’s social media posts without being detected using an Insta stalker. This tool can help you find out what your friend or spouse is doing after blocking your account on social media on account of a big fight. You can use this tracker to understand the person better and find ways to make peace.

  • People Want To Grow Their Business  

Employers concerned about their employees’ well-being can also take a sneak peek at what they engage in on social media using this tool. On the other hand, business owners and marketers want to find out their competitors’ strategies or customers’ likes and activities on Instagram to create the best social media marketing tactics.

Choose An Instagram Stalker App 

When choosing an Instagram stalker app, it’s important to compare the capabilities or features, pricing, and customer and technical support. You’ll notice that most social media trackers offer the same features, such as checking and monitoring a member’s profile and account activities. So, you might want to check their differences when deciding what Instagram stalker app to choose. 

It’s also imperative to check the security of the software program or app. For instance, websites with SSL certificates use encryption for greater user security. Choose an app that deploys encryption and other security measures to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. 

Beware of tracking apps requiring you to provide your credit or debit card information if you don’t have plans to get premium or add-on services. Many hackers use online forms and seemingly legitimate websites to obtain personal and financial information from users. 

In addition, reading reviews from verified customers of social media tracking apps can help narrow down your choices. For instance, you can check out Glassagram testimonials and other Instagram tracker reviews to find out your prospective online tool’s specific features, benefits, rates, and services.

Download The Instagram Tracker  

Before you can start spying on Instagram content, you need to download the third-party app on your internet-capable device. Here’s how:

  • Open your device’s app store.
  • Type in the search box or query bar the name of the Instagram tracker you want to download. 
  • Click on the download button and read and agree to the terms to proceed. 
  • Wait until the Insta stalker app appears on your device’s home screen. 

Use The Instagram Stalker App


When you already have the Insta stalker on your device, you can start checking a member’s social media activities, including posted images, albums, video clips, and more. Some tools offer extra services, such as helping you grow organic followers by buying real Instagram followers.

As mentioned, you may not need all the features on an Insta stalker. You can stick with the basic features of the free Instagram tracker to save money. But you can always try them to maximize the tool, especially if you have a paid version. 

There are a lot of things one can do on Instagram using the Insta stalker. Here are some examples:

  • Access the user’s social media activities
  • Access direct messages and calls 
  • Access browsing history 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Geofencing or virtual boundary alerts and notifications


People have different reasons they like to track Instagram accounts anonymously. Whatever your reason is, there are many ways you can track an Instagram account. Attain your goal by leveraging advanced technology, such as Instagram profile viewers. Just read the features and terms before using a social media tracking app or software to avoid getting yourself into trouble.