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Have you been searching for your ultimate dream job, but the plethora of career options online has been overwhelming you? The advice is to run to 92 careers for direction in your career. Leading a career website in India, 92career has rallied with millions of job seekers throughout the years by guiding them as they travel through their career journey.

92career is a “One-Stop” solution that helps unemployed, new graduates, career changers, and new master graduates get their dream job and manage their career development. Whether you need assistance with resume applications, submitting applications, participating in interviews, or investigating job opportunities – 92career is there. A personalized assessment system, a comprehensive database for jobs, and in-depth insights from the industry support this platform. It can provide jobholders with guidance based on their career field.

We will show you a detailed description of a 92career in this article. In this equation, he will highlight the most critical parts of 92career and provide information on how you can best use its tool. You are here because you would like to gather some info on 92career. This way, you’ll narrow your job search, make sound career decisions, and push the envelope of what is possible. With this, our journey begins. Your performance, 92career, is the platform to learn about many possibilities!

History and Features of 92career

In 2009, Vijay Sharma and Amit Bansal founded 92career under the umbrella of IIM-Lucknow Incubation Centre. It is a job Search and Employment platform that brings together the seeking of the job and the employers. Among 92career’s principal assets are job search, resume builder, career counseling, career assessment tests, and community for career advice and support

It gives specific career recommendations within which the person can choose the best and expert advice from professionals on the right career path. Furthermore, 92career features job postings, lets candidates apply directly, and schedule interviews with employers. In contrast with other employment portals,

Job portal 92career professional, favoring planning and providing samples for each profile more than job openings. The main goal is to provide the most convenient and direct job searching mechanisms for job applicants.

Benefits of Using 92career

Under are the benefits of Using 92career:

  • Reach out to many job opportunities:  92career provides access to thousands of relevant job listings from various employers. This comprehensive database of opportunities helps job seekers explore different career options across diverse industries. 
  • Get career advice from experts: The platform connects users to career counselors and mentors who provide personalized guidance to make informed career decisions. Experts offer advice based on individual profiles, skills, and career goals.
  • Build a professional network: As in 92career, communication with other professionals is indisputable as a critical tool for professional networking and collaboration. When a strategic support system is implemented, progress becomes more transparent in career development and growth.
  • Direct application option: The app provides a platform for job seekers to find opportunities corresponding to their skill set. One click on the “Apply” button saves you from endless job-hunting activities and applying them separately on the web links.
  • Resume builder and other tools: 92career can be a helpful way to offer tangible resources such as resume builder, tips for dealing with interviews, and ways to handle pay issues by providing these kinds of resources.

How to Create an Account on 92career

Under are the steps by which you can create an account on 92career:

  • Refer to https://92career.com and press the “Login/Registration” tab.
  • Put your username and password as your details, and create a unique with your name, email, and phone number to create an account.
  • After that, select the “create password” option to activate your account. Select a strong password or username that can be a mix of upper- and lower-case characters, numbers, and symbols.
  • To create your own worth brand, you must choose a relevant group of categories that reflect your experience, skills, and specialization of expertise, as well as your overall interests. You can also put time into creating your resume now.
  • The fact is that after the form is completed, you need to click the ‘Submit’ button, and, not later than this, your session will be opened as a client.
  • Your account will be activated after you click on the link in the email you received. Locate the email and click the pertinent verification link to activate your account.
  • You can now log in to your 92career account using your email address and password. Then, you can start exploring job opportunities and other career resources available on the platform.

That covers the basic steps to creating an account on 92career. Provide complete and accurate information to create an impressive professional profile.

Searching and Applying for Jobs on 92career

Among 92 career searches using gear filters include job title, location, and many others to help job seekers quickly find relevant job offers. Customers will be mobile to look for positions in most categories (locality, industry, employer, job titles, etc.). Targeted search filters out unnecessary results so people can quickly get their desired output.

Some helpful job-searching tips can be found at 92career, including regularly updating your profile and résumé, perusing and browsing the latest postings, and establishing job alerts. Staying active online is one of the so-called ways to get customers’ attention. Moreover, while your CV is on point, it’s also helpful to look into companies and edit each application form.

When employers search 92career for applicants, they use a search function that allows them to specify the job title and other filters such as gender, qualifications, and salary expectations. You also have the option to arrange interviews by appointment on the 92career site and meet with prospective employers.

After applying for a job, people will have an excellent opportunity to get the job they like, mainly by using all the tools and features available on 92career. The extensive implementation of tools and resources on the site will enable job seekers of any level to see that the result is simple yet effective.

Career Resources on 92career 

92career is a platform that contains many resources for career development and services to help job seekers improve their skills and find a job opportunity that best matches their qualifications. Some available resources, such as career counseling services, interview preparation tips, resume and cover letter writing assistance, and training and development courses, represent critical solutions.

Career counseling involves either directors or advisors discussing the individual student’s interests, values, and strengths. Counselors will assist with giving guidance to enable job seekers to define careers congruent with their profiles. 92Career also has a section on preparing for an interview, with common questions, yes/no, quick answers, and confidently showcasing oneself.

The platform has writing guides and other forms to help fill the gaps and create an outstanding resume and cover letter, eyes only for suitable opportunities. Clients can get their resume reviewed by any of the career professionals. Moreover, 92career users can access lectures and enroll in classes on business writing, leadership skills, time management, etc. These courses support strengthening core competencies and remain applicable to the dynamic job market.

92career is a crucial career advancement platform where one may get free online career improvement resources, including job market tutorials. Career counseling, skills improvement, and networking would be boosted.

Plan NameFeature IncludePrice Best For
BasicBasic Profile 
Access to Job Listing
Ability to apply for three jobs/months 
-Entry-level job seeker. 
Professional -Enchanted profile visibility
-Ultimate job applications
-Career Coaching Resources 
-Rs 999/ month-Mid-levelprofessional

-Experienced job seekers
Premium -Rs 1,499/ month-Senior- Level professionals
-Experience with Job seekers

Details of all subscription plans:

  • Basic: Free plan for basic job search capabilities. Suitable for students and entry-level professionals. 
  • Professional: Mid-range priced plan offering more features than Basic. Unlimited applications and career resources. Best for mid-level professionals.
  • Premium: This is a top-tier plan with most features, including a dedicated career coach, interview help, and resume services. It is ideal for senior-level or executive job seekers.

Prices for the plans are listed in the table, and each plan is described below. Basic is very restrictive; users can create a limited profile with few applications. The availability of professionals is often the critical determinant of success that startups can have. Coaching sessions address specific professions students are interested in among advanced options available.

Indian prices are within the reach of customers. However, the most crucial part of the service is entirely free: primary use. This is devoted to the professional presentation of serious mid-range job seekers. 

Overall, the best plan will be made based on the needs of the user. For example, students can use the free Basic plan, but business leaders need the Premium plan. Full-fledged professional software with a medium price range is probably best for this middle group. There might be something for all experience and budget levels.


92career is a comprehensive online platform that helps job seekers find career guidance jobs and develop their career paths. It offers career assessment tests, job listings, resume-building tips, interview preparation resources, and a community for advice. 92career makes job searching and career planning easier for job seekers and employers. You can search for jobs, get customized career recommendations, connect with professionals, and more. Wish you the very best in your career journey!


Q. What is the mobile app of 92career?

92career has mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. The apps allow users to search and apply for jobs from their smartphones. Some key features of the 92career mobile apps include push notifications for new jobs and messages, a resume builder, and profile management.

Q. Does 92career allow international job search?

Yes, 92career allows users to search for jobs globally. Employers and recruiters from different countries post jobs on 92career. Users can search for remote jobs, international jobs, and jobs across all countries. 92career also has an option to search for jobs specifically in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and other regions.

Q. Can freshers find jobs through 92career?

Yes, freshers and entry-level job seekers can find suitable jobs through 92career. The platform has many jobs for freshers from various industries and educational backgrounds. Freshers can also create profiles for internships and jobs requiring less than 2 years of experience. They also get mentoring support.

Q. What is the refund or cancellation process?

If the customer claims that they are unhappy with 92career within the first 30 days of the free trial, they are refunded their money. There might be three ways to contact the customer support team. They are phone, email, and online chat. After verifying everything, they accept your refund request; the money gets refunded.

Q. How effective is 92career for experienced professionals?

92career  offers a dynamic platform for seasoned professionals. It has a total of high-profile jobs from well-known companies that require 3+ years of industrial experience. Providers of professional services can get June classified online through their expertise, networking, and career talk.