9 ways to draw in customers to your restaurants through digital signage

Digital Menu Boards

You can transform paper menu cards into digital menu boards with digital signage. You may display all of your food items by including a digital menu list with the prices on a digital signage screen. 

As consumers can place orders directly from the display list, which eliminates the burden of staff members taking individual food orders, it will also speed up the ordering process. If you are a start-up business looking to find digital signage templates, PosterMyWall has covered you with endless templates to choose from, all while offering multiple other services. 

Interactive waiting area displays

Even in your favorite restaurant, waiting areas are inconvenient. Customers wait for significant periods between placing and receiving orders.

Customers might be distracted by using a digital screen by installing digital signage screens in the eating or waiting area. These waiting room screens can display anything, including Quips to share humorous food quotes, a Noticeboard to post daily specials, happy hours, or other promotional offers. 

Additionally, you may use the Films & Image App to motivate clients with visuals of cuisine, chef videos, etc. In instances like this, restaurants require a careful selection of digital signage playlists. PosterMyWall, amongst others, is an incredible platform that can help you create your digital signage playlist. 

Products and food items for upselling

Digital signage can encourage customers to try new foods, acquire new products, or join loyalty programs without you having to push them. Showcase delicious desserts, unique dishes, or other specialties that will tempt visitors to place more orders as they finish their meals. 

Additionally, you can entice clients to purchase anything other than meals by employing eye-catching pictures and inventive images, such as antiques or handcrafted crafts, etc. As a result, your restaurant’s revenue will rise, and the customer experience will improve.

Present Special deals & discounts

Inform your clients of the deals and offers you have brought for them. When a discount offer is displayed on the screen, it will quickly capture attention and nudge your clients to make more purchases. Combo offers, which may represent the finest offers for placing an order for a family or group of friends, can be displayed on digital signs.

Food-aspirational walls

A social media display wall can be used as an additional tool to entertain and engage your clients in addition to TV broadcasts. For instance, social media walls with eye-catching food photographs will whet your clients’ appetites. 

The best places to find food photos are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and many more. Depending on the channel you pick, PosterMyWall makes it simple to gather, curate, configure, and display social network walls that include posts with hashtags, mentions, tags, URLs, etc.

Let your guests drool with the lush social media wall on your restaurant’s digital signage. Additionally, you may show the social media wall alongside the digital menu to encourage clients and assist them in making decisions.

Showcase customer testimonials and ratings

You can show reviews and ratings from previous customers on digital signage in restaurants. With a digital signs screen showing two times as many customer evaluations, inform your guests as they enter the restaurant. Additionally, you can gather user-generated content from social media sites and display it on a digital signage screen to enhance client engagement.

Show images from most recent order

Projecting the most recent order on your restaurant’s digital signage screen will allow guests to see what other people are ordering. Many people have encountered the situation when they want to eat the same meal that the other person ordered, but they don’t know what it is called, and it would be awkward for them to ask. Your consumers would find it helpful and knowledgeable if you visually display the most recent orders.

Implement QR codes

Give your customers QR codes if you wish to point them toward your menu or Instagram feed. You may take them down from your restaurant’s signs when they are no longer applicable. Customers will feel entertained and engaged as they wait for their food if they have new information to read. They will also learn more about your brand.

Demonstrate your playlist 

Make it easier for your clients to find that catchy song playing over your speakers without making them search on Shazaam or Google. Customers will find themselves more connected to your brand and enjoy your shared musical preferences if you show them your playlist instantaneously.

Final verdict:

Restaurant digital signage is establishing new benchmarks for the sector with constantly developing technologies. Digital signage for restaurants helps management make the most excellent use of resources, from taking orders to the overall customer experience. 

Digital signage also functions as a genuine kind of advertisement, effectively boosting the restaurant industry, much like promotional practices such as social media publishing and email campaigns, often readily accessible on platforms such as PosterMyWall.