Modern Warfare 2: 7 Multiplayer Tips to Get Better Instantly

While Modern Warfare 2 of Call of Duty can be overwhelming, there are unbelievable ways to do well in the gameplay. One of them includes playing with multiple players. Even though you prefer playing solo, playing Modern Warfare 2 with multiple partners opens you to different ways of enhancing your gaming experience.

Communicate with your teammates, share ideas, and attack enemies together. It is one of the tips to play multiplayer well in COD games. Moreover, you can grab some modern warfare 2 cheats to simplify the gaming process. 

7 Multiplayer Tips to Get Better Instantly in MW2

Apply these multiplayer tips below to enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2.

  1. Make Communication the Rule #1

Whether you’re playing with your friends or new faces from the COD community, communication is the key to getting better in the game. It doesn’t help any gamer to play the lone wolf when a synergistic effect can land the crown. 

Thanks to the Voice Chat feature, you can hear from your teammates without interrupting your gameplay. To enable this feature, activate the Crossplay setting, turn on the Crossplay Communication button, and enable Voice Chat under the “Audio” tab. 

By sharing information with your team members, playing Modern Warfare 2 becomes not only fun but also realistic.

  1. Don’t Move Together but Stay Close

Your teammates are prone to create loud noises with their footsteps or gunfire. For sure, it will attract enemies to your location. You need to separate from your teammates but stay within their reach. Don’t wander too far away so they can catch up with you and give you cover when necessary.

By separating from your teammate, you get a better chance to take out enemies, increase your kills, and win more gunfights. Don’t forget to interact with them no matter what or where you go.

  1. Use Your Flanking Skills or Lose Your Team

While the enemies are up against your teammates, flank them and save your team. Attacking enemies without their knowledge will give your high kills and reduce the death rate of your team members.

You can use the UAVs to spot enemies’ locations. Use the map, sneak up behind enemies and launch your attack. Don’t forget to look around before firing so that enemy snipers won’t spot you and take you down.

  1. Be the Ghost Savior

The tall grasses, buildings, and objects in Modern Warfare serve one purpose, sneaking. While the enemies are focused on your team members, crouch around, and try not to get in enemies’ sight. Ambush enemies, avoid leaving loud footsteps and attack from tall structures as they give you a wider view of the fight zones.

 Don’t camp in a particular spot for too long. If enemies initiate their detectors, they can discover your camp and come for you. So, always be on the move.

  1. Achieve the Objectives

Apart from surviving and protecting your teammates, try to play the game objectives. Don’t mind the kill-death (K/D) ratio; it will improve as your skills improve.

Work according to the task in the mission you and your team are playing. Take over the control point, secure your camp headquarters, find intel, and many more. Modern Warfare 2 becomes more interesting when you focus on the objectives.

  1. Let there be Experiments

Feel free to explore new weapons, field upgrades, attachments, or even killstreaks. They can help you up your game and discover a perfect win streak.

Nevertheless, be careful of the killstreaks you launch. Some can be dangerous to teammates and even to you. Before you call in a killstreak, understand the consequences; if it’s bearable, you may go ahead. 

Always let your teammates know your plans. You don’t want to sweep the battle scene without their knowledge.

  1. Craft Extraordinary Weapons

Combining a drone and a claymore can turn into a flying death machine. If you’re playing game modes that don’t support respawning, this weapon combination comes in handy. Not only will it serve as a surveillance drone, but it will also work as a detonator against enemies.

Alternatively, you can also use the CV; however, you must communicate with your members. Moreover, try not to die before it explodes.


Without a doubt, it’s tough to get better instantly in Modern Warfare 2. You must always face some wins and losses. However, with these tips in your hands, MW2 will be extraordinarily rewarding and exciting.

While you play with your teammates, apply these tips. Interact with them, try new weapons, flank enemies, and be the green snake in the green grass. Even as you separate from your team members, always stay in touch. 

Most importantly, do not overlook the game objectives. It gives you focus and makes your gameplay more captivating!