Receive The Full Value Of Your Personal Injury Claim With These 7 Tips

Personal InjuryIf you have suffered injuries in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, you are legally entitled to file a personal lawsuit and recover compensation for the damages suffered. One of the most crucial parts of a personal injury claim is determining the amount you can receive.

To state the obvious, you want to receive maximum compensation from the at-fault party. The following are seven actionable tips that can go a long way in maximizing the potential value of your injury claim.

Get Medical Attention

Seeking timely medical attention following the accident is perhaps the most significant aspect of recovering a fair compensation out of your personal injury claim. Some injuries may not present any signs or symptoms until days or even weeks later. These are known as delayed injuries. Besides receiving appropriate medical care for them, it is essential to document them promptly to prove that they resulted from the accident.

Medical records that show visits to your doctor, including imaging scans, bills, prescriptions, doctors’ notes, and treatment plans, are the most solid pieces of evidence for your claim. They are at the core of building a convincing case, as they help establish who is at fault and draw a causal connection between your injuries and other damages for which you are seeking compensation.

Preserve Evidence  

It is imperative to collect and preserve as much evidence to stack the odds in your favor. That extends beyond collecting medical records. Capture pictures and videos of the accident site, and demand a copy of the police report at the scene for your records. Gather names and contact details of any witnesses who were present there.

These are critical to helping your personal injury attorney strengthen the claim and obtain maximum compensation for it.

Seek Legal Representation

To get the most out of your personal injury litigation, it is in your best interests to seek legal representation from an experienced and well-reputed personal injury attorney. The legal system is excessively convoluted and frustrating to navigate, and there are several common pitfalls to avoid along the way that may otherwise jeopardize your settlement. According to the personal injury legal experts at the Stewart Law Offices, a team of highly qualified lawyers can guide you through the intricate legalities of the case. They will adopt an aggressive approach to negotiate with insurance carriers who will throw low ball offers by devaluing your claim or perhaps go to lengths to deny your claim entirely.

Decide On a Settlement Amount

There are various kinds of damages that you may sue the liable party for in a personal injury claim, which extend beyond physical injuries and out-of-pocket expenses. Knowing what applies to your case will be beneficial in getting the best out of your claim. You want to fully value your claim and recover compensation for all related losses incurred, which could include lost wages and emotional trauma.

Evaluating your damages thoroughly and having a specific figure in your mind before talking to the insurance adjuster will ensure that you do not jump at a lowball offer and accept anything less than what you rightfully deserve.

Do Not Rush To Accept a Settlement Offer

Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of the financial hardships many victims go through following a catastrophic accident. They are hesitant to pay a fair amount and will initially offer menial compensation than what your claim is worth. You may be tempted to accept the first few offers that come your way to get the ball rolling. But that would only mean cutting yourself short.

Know that you possess the legal right to reject low settlement offers or even challenge a claim denial. An attorney will be your most valuable advocate here, as they will develop a sound strategy to counter the insurance adjuster’s deceiving settlement tactics and fight for a fair settlement.

To ease the financial burden during this challenging time, consider exploring legal funding options provided by reputable companies like Rockpoint Legal Funding. Rockpoint Legal Funding specializes in offering financial assistance to plaintiffs during the legal process, providing a lifeline for those waiting for a fair settlement. Legal funding can help cover essential expenses while your attorney negotiates for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Step Away From Social Media

Your social media posts can inadvertently be used as evidence against you and call your claim into question, and so you must exercise extreme caution. Defense attorneys may vigorously monitor your social media handles to find information that contradicts what you have claimed in the case. For instance, posting a picture or checking in at a bowling alley soon after claiming to have a fractured arm is likely to go against you and reduce your chances of securing a sizable compensation.

For that reason, refraining from social media use is the best course of action while going through the claims process.

Don’t Wait Too Long To File Your Case

Each state has a different limit in place on the amount of time you can take to file a personal injury claim, known as the statute of limitations. In general, you must file a claim within 2-3 years from the time of the accident. Failing to go to court and before the stated deadline means you are likely to lose the legal right to file a lawsuit and recover damages from the negligent party. Accordingly, you must watch the clock and act quickly!Personal Injury

Insurance carriers will do all in their domain to diminish the value of your personal injury claim. Fortunately enough, there are several aspects you can control that will help you get the most out of your lawsuit.

With an experienced attorney on your side and some planning and forethought, you can ease your way through acquiring the compensation you deserve.