7 Features of Magento: why you should choose this platform.

The indisputable statement is that any online business is interested in a quality website that will attract new customers and retain old ones. It is a correctly created online product that provides a unique and comfortable user experience that raises the level of sales and ratings.

In order to create a commercial site on the Internet, you need to find the perfect e-commerce platform that can shift an unlimited number of functions for improvement and development. With the right platform, your website will be filled with great navigation, money transfer features, user interface, and more.

There are many different platform offerings on the market today, but picking the best one is easier than you might think. The most popular and user-friendly platform is Magento.

This technology is made to create a custom site that will not only have a beautiful design, but also contain various useful features. We will talk about the possibilities of this e-commerce platform today to make sure of its usefulness and uniqueness.

To begin with, it is worth noting that Magento is a source code program that provides its customers with a high degree of protection. And custom magento development services are able to help you with the creation of the new unique product. 

However, this is not all that this platform offers, so let’s take a closer look at the 7 main useful features:

Reports and Google Analytics.

Magento offers a sufficient number of features that keep productivity high with timely reporting. What’s more, Google Analytics also provides a highly accurate analysis of the current state of your site or platform. Analytical information can be obtained about various aspects of your site, namely:

  • Sales
  • Popular goods
  • Taxes
  • Coupons
  • Low requests
  • Stocks

Good product viewing experience.

It is important to understand how easy it is for customers to view the products offered, because if the shopping experience is extremely poor, then your store will quickly be forgotten. 

Magento offers the following features to provide your customers with an enjoyable browsing and purchasing experience:

  • image resizing
  • availability of goods
  • price comparison or price levels
  • like lists, etc.

Directory monitoring

It is the catalog on your site that makes it much easier to work with goods and products. In addition, it doesn’t matter what exactly you sell, because Magento provides the opportunity to create the most comfortable management for your specific products.

These features will help you create the perfect directory:

  • product demonstration
  • editing
  • inventory control
  • creation of new products
  • successful pricing
  • use of social networks for sales, etc.

User Account Control

The fact is that in order to create a pleasant atmosphere between the client and the store, the store needs to be able to manage the accounts of its customers. This is done in order to offer the most suitable products, as well as to successfully complete the delivery. Magento has taken care of this as well, so it offers the following features:

  • account control panel
  • information about delivery addresses
  • data on recent orders
  • payment options
  • subscription to newsletters, etc.

Payment methods, delivery methods

The client must understand that the site offers him ample opportunities to pay for the product, and also takes a responsible approach to the issue of delivery. Here you can find a professional development team: https://dinarys.com/ Magento helps to fill the site with the necessary tools for comfortable payment and delivery conditions:

  • SSL security
  • integration of payment systems
  • delivery modules
  • possibility to pay through different channels


To avoid spending a lot of money on advertising, Magento provides many features focused on the successful promotion of your products. These tools will become available to you with Magento:

  • advertising pricing
  • creating coupons
  • use of coupons
  • promotion of new arrivals
  • cross-selling


Mobile phones make your business even more accessible to customers, so your site should adapt not only to the computer version. Magento provides the ability to create a website that will be optimized to work with any device. This e-commerce platform provides everything you need to create the perfect product for all customers.

Closing words

It is worth adding that the useful features of Magento do not end with these 7 examples, but only begin. This platform is really extremely convenient for businesses that are interested in successful sales via the Internet. Moreover, it is with Magento that your site will reach a new level and will develop faster than its competitors.