7 Effective Click Baits for Your Law Firm Landing Page

Marketing is the key to the success of a business. Today everything is squeezed into your mobile phone or laptop. Marketing is no exception, as well. Now your Online Marketing is based on the internet and web pages.

A recent survey revealed that a major chunk of clients reached their required firms or service providers through a web search. The web is flooded with millions of sites and pages, each one coming up with great offers for their clients.

How you get the attention of prospective clients in this overcrowded market is a big challenge. Landing pages play a crucial role in getting the attention of people. These pages are specifically designed and have detailed information about the services and products you offer.

Common Jurisdigital have no tangible product to sell. They sell their services. Marketing services is somewhat of a difficult task as compared to selling a physical product. Hence a law firm needs a more effective landing page to get the instant attention of prospective clients.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is also called a “lead capture page.” It is the page that any web searcher reaches by clicking on an advertisement, an email, or any such digital location. These pages are search engine optimized.  

It is not the homepage of your website; rather, your homepage may have a link to your landing page.  The landing page contains information about the services you offer to the clients. It is designed to attract clients. It may have links to redirect your client to the specific product or service that he is looking for.

Web searchers may reach any landing page either through SEO-focused links or through PPC links. SEO stands for search engine optimization, whereas PPC means pay-per-click, reached through a link on your paid advertisements. SEO-based landing pages are more practical for getting you good clients. 

Law Firm Landing Page

Law Firm Content Marketing depends mainly on a perfectly designed landing page. It has to be optimized through keywords to attract potential clients. The aim is to have your landing page on top of every relevant search result. 

A law firm provides legal services in various fields, such as personal injury, road accidents, family laws, defamation laws, rent and property ownership issues, etc. A law firm landing page should therefore provide information about the specific services that they offer. You must provide links on your landing page that redirects the client to his desired legal service.

For instance, if a law firm deals in family laws, the landing page will contain links to its relevant sub-fields, such as divorce, distribution and allocation of assets between the husband and wife, and possession of kids.

The relevant link will direct the visitor to his desired field of interest. Here you can mention the legal services that your firm provides in this particular field of law. You must convince the web searcher that he has reached the right place.

Basic elements of an effective law firm’s landing page

  • Headline – This is perhaps the most important factor. The headline should be clear and convincing so that the visitor is compelled to read more
  • Design and structure – The design should be attractive. The page must contain important information you want your reader to see instantly. A visitor should be able to reach such information on the landing page easily.
  • The credibility of your firm – provide proof and facts about your firm, such as client reviews, case studies, and your latest testimonials.
  • Use different media platforms – Give links to your platforms where a client can see what you are doing and your achievements.

7 Effective Click Baits for Your Law Firm

Below are a few practical ways to boost your sales through a landing page:

  • Clear and precise main headline

Someone reading the headline must get a clear and effective message about the services your law firm is providing. If he’s convinced by the headline, he will only bother to keep connected and read more.

An ideal headline may contain the name of the city where you operate, the field of law, and your status, such as a lawyer or attorney. A simple example may be “Colorado Divorce Lawyer.” Remember the headline is the entry gate to your landing page.

  • Simple and reader-friendly language

You are a qualified lawyer, but your potential client may not be familiar with complicated legal terms and language. After the headline, your page must give brief but comprehensive information about the services you can provide in the field of law that is mentioned in the headline. Avoid using legal terms. Convey your message in simple language that your client may understand easily.

  • Reasonable advice

A client always needs legal help from your firm; that’s why he is here. A lot of questions may arise in his mind depending on his situation. Your advice should be reasonable, actionable, and goal-oriented. Any advice that is not easily doable will discourage the client.

Your first piece of advice might be to contact a lawyer. Going forward, you may advise some useful tips, as well. For example, if he’s seeking advice about a divorce case, advise on your landing page to save the conversation with your spouse in the form of a screenshot that can be used as evidence to present in a family court.

  • Why choose your law firm

Now it’s time to convince the reader why he should choose your law firm. There may be hundreds of law firms operating in your area. You need to mention precisely what makes you different from the others. A brief and to-the-point description of the uniqueness of your firm will attract the client. But always be honest. Don’t provide false and misleading information about your firm.

  • Prove your worth

This can be done by including recent client reviews if you have won any award in your field of expertise from a reputable organization that can also be displayed to prove your abilities.

  • CTA (Call-to-action)

A strong message for clients should be included. Here you have to invite the reader to immediate action. It may include contacting you. Convince them to contact you for urgent solutions to their problems. Give your phone number and email address.

  • FAQs

This section must include commonly asked questions in the relevant field of law. Provide answers to these questions in the minimum possible words. Avoid lengthy and complicated answers. Be precise and simple.


A landing page is where you can get the attention of expected clients in your relevant field of expertise. Generally, landing pages are the first point of contact between your law firm and the prospective client. That’s why emphasis should be given to making this page attractive and attention-seeking.

Anyone who ‘lands’ on this landing page must feel he has reached the appropriate place. Provide the maximum possible but precise information about your firm on the landing page. Provide useful links that the reader may follow to get more information about his field of interest. Avoid giving false information; this may have a negative impact.

People remain online for more than five to six hours daily. That means the best marketing place is the internet. And the best possible way to fetch a good client is your landing page. Invest in your landing page; it will pay back beyond your expectations.

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