6 Ways Technology Can Improve Recruiting Process

recruitment processIn the age of technology, recruiting has been revolutionized. Gone are the days of a simple job posting on a bulletin board. Now, companies use many different strategies to attract talent. Sometimes, the most successful strategies are not even human-based. Gone are the days when a company could rely on word-of-mouth or print ads to find talent. In order to compete for top talent in today’s market, companies need an effective strategy that includes using new technologies and social media platforms. Here are seven ways technology can improve hiring and recruiting:

Technology Helps You Automatically Track Applicants

Today, more and more companies are using applicant tracking systems. These automated programs help track the status of job applicants from initial inquiry to the final interview. One of the challenges for HR teams is being able to manage their applicant tracking systems. One of the most common problems with automated programs is that they require regular maintenance.

If automation isn’t used correctly, it can actually increase your workload rather than decrease it. Applicants expect quick responses and consistent communication. When you don’t provide that, they will find another job. Twitter and Facebook can be used to streamline the recruiting process and also give employers a way to reach out to candidates in a timely manner. Applicant tracking systems let you keep up-to-date records on each candidate and they can be searched and sorted in various ways to make your recruiting process easier and faster.

Technology Helps You Find Potential Candidates

With the help of technology, employers can find potential candidates in areas they never even thought possible. With social media, you are able to reach out to people through recruitment agencies in ways that are direct and clear. People post about themselves on these platforms, which makes it easy for businesses to find them and make contact by using dotLinkers and in turn, get the right candidates. Today, job boards still provide an important service for employers because there are many people who aren’t on social media. If you want to stay competitive, it’s important to use the right combination of technologies. Technology is always evolving—you need to be ready for change.

Optimize Interview Workflows

Recruiting is an important aspect of operations for any business, but it can also be time-consuming. With the evolution of technology, more companies are integrating recruiting with their customer service departments for a streamlined process. It’s no longer necessary to have two separate teams working on two different aspects of the process. Instead, both teams can work together in a more efficient and timely manner.

One groundbreaking technology that has greatly expedited this integrated approach is the use of AI-based video interviews. This innovative tool allows for a more standardized and objective evaluation of candidates, significantly reducing the time spent on initial screenings. HR professionals and customer service teams can collaborate seamlessly, leveraging this technology to identify top candidates based on both technical skills and interpersonal abilities. By employing AI-based video interviews, companies enhance their recruitment efficiency and ensure a more comprehensive assessment of potential hires, ultimately leading to stronger and more successful teams.

With cloud-based HR software, recruiters can keep track of candidates with an easy-to-use interface. This makes the recruiting process much easier for them and ensures that candidates aren’t dealing with multiple people when they need help or have questions. With the right technology in place, you can make the entire process more efficient and increase your chances of finding top talent.

Maintain Compliance

In today’s business world, it is absolutely necessary to have a compliance center. In order to maintain compliance when you hire, you need easy-to-use systems that ensure employees are who they say they are and also avoid identity theft. Companies who use the right identity verification software can cut down on time and save money.

During the background check process, for example, human resources departments need to verify not only an applicant’s identity but also their education and work history. Without reliable software to help verify this information, employers risk making poor hiring decisions. With the help of technology, businesses can easily create a compliance department because all their information is in one place. This helps avoid mistakes that could cost your company time and money.

It Makes The Onboarding Process Easier

When a new hire is made, they should be able to get started right away. New hires need access to the systems and information that make them productive from day one. If you can’t get them up to speed quickly, it will cost your business time and money. With the right onboarding software in place, you can easily give employees access to the tools and systems they need to start working right away.

With new employees, it’s important to make sure you follow all of the proper protocols and processes. Keeping detailed records is essential for human resources departments because employees need access to their employment information whenever they want it. Using technology ensures that you don’t lose important information and makes the process of finding and keeping records easier.

Syndicate Job Posts and Manage Referrals

recruitment processThe average job is posted online seven times before a hire is made. If you’re not sharing your jobs with the right people, you could be missing out on great candidates. With Syndication Recruitment Software, you can syndicate your open positions to niche groups who are specifically looking for opportunities that fit their skills and expertise. In less than ten minutes, you can post a job to over thirty different job boards and popular social networking sites. You can also track where your applicants come from and check the quality of each applicant by setting filters to find resumes with certain requirements.

There are many ways that technology can improve the hiring and recruiting process.  You may also be able to automate some of your background checks by using applicant tracking system software. The main takeaway here? Technology can make life much easier for you.