6 Unique Promotional Items to Boost Your Brand in 2023

Promotional items are a tried and true way to boost your brand and make the public more aware of your products. In 2023, using unique promotional items to market your brand can help you stand out even more effectively. If you’re looking to get in on this scheme, here are six highly unique promotional items to boost your brand this year:

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have remained a top choice for brands running promotional marketing giveaway campaigns. The mixture of classical style, usefulness, and affordability that branded sunglasses provide is hard to beat, after all. By finding the right style and color of promo sunglasses, you can easily impress loyal, and brand-new customers. Sunglasses are one good promotional item for fashion and sports-centric companies to consider especially, as wearable promo items tend to work wonderfully for these industries.

2. Keychains

Branded keychains are an excellent marketing tool, as people typically use free keychains to keep their keys secure from day to day. These promotional items are portable, lightweight, and perfect for frequent use. Additionally, they are incredibly affordable, making them perfect for small businesses that are looking to run a valuable promotional marketing campaign as a result. Keychains come in a variety of hues and patterns, and you can even have the name or logo of your business imprinted on them. By affixing a keychain to their keys, customers can simply maintain your brand’s message in front of their eyes. The customer’s friends and family members will slowly become aware of your brand thanks to how visible keychains often become.

3. Keychain Flashlights

With a keychain flashlight, you can figuratively light up the future of your business. You can pair these promo gifts with branded keychains to give your customer’s a truly unique promotional gift in 2023. These items actually provide value in the real world and serve as a continual reminder that your business values the security and comfort of its clients. LED technology has lowered costs while increasing performance, which allows you to buy bulk orders of branded promotional keychain flashlights without breaking your marketing budget. Once again, small businesses will love the mixture of quality, usefulness, and brand visibility that this promotional marketing idea has to offer them.

4. Pens

Pens are incredibly straightforward, yet so helpful. When you find a pen that writes well, you want to use it every time you need to write – and this in turn helps you create brand loyalty. Your prospects and customers may start looking for your pen to use every day if you invest in high-quality branded pens to give out to them. When they go to use their pen, especially if they’re writing down an idea that they’re proud of, they’ll immediately begin associating their brainstorming with your company. This will give your brand a lot more value in the customer’s mind.

5. Lanyards

To keep objects like badges or office keys secure at work, employees frequently use lanyards.  Your company’s names and logos can be printed on lanyards to add an extra level of promotion to any employee uniform. Lanyards promote a company’s name because they are frequently worn, even when employees are out and about during the workday. If you’re looking for a promotional item to spread the word about your business, a lanyard can be a fantastic choice. You can even give out branded lanyards on college campuses to help freshmen keep track of their student IDs. If your business has value for college-aged adults, this idea can become especially attractive and valuable.

6. Umbrellas

Give your clients branded umbrellas so they can stay dry no matter the weather. Umbrellas are a great promo item because of their unique nature, which makes customers more excited to receive them. When compared to other promotional items, umbrellas typically last years and have a far longer shelf life. Every time a customer or prospective customer uses an umbrella branded with your company’s emblem, your brand will gain greater exposure. Umbrellas are rarely bought by people and are more often than not received via promotional campaigns, so getting on this train and helping to keep your community dry during inclement weather, can be incredibly worthwhile.

Keep Your Brand Fresh and Exciting

By using high-quality promo items to promote your business, you can keep your brand fresh and exciting in 2023. Customers love free gifts, and the more they actually use those gifts, the more (basically) free advertising you’ll unlock via your promo marketing efforts. Every company has its own unique qualities, so finding a promo product that represents your brand, and your company’s services is ideal.