6 Tips On How To Properly Advertise Your Addiction Treatment Facility

Addiction Treatment FacilityThere are so many different types of addiction treatment facilities that it can be difficult to know where or how to start advertising your facility. It’s also important to understand the various ways in which you can advertise, whether through social media, online advertising, print advertisements, television commercials, and more. With this in mind, here are six tips on how to properly advertise your addiction treatment facility.

#1 Search Engine Optimization

If an addiction rehabilitation center is not doing its due diligence to optimize their online presence, they are leaving money on the table. SEO should not be overlooked by people looking for rehab. And nobody wants to lose money.

An addiction treatment facility has to do everything it can to convince people who are looking for rehab to come to them instead of their competitors. It is the same as promoting any other service or product; most people will go with the first option that pops up in a Google search.

However, there is no magic formula to rank higher on Google. There are many factors that go into promoting your rehab facility like your keywords, content, number of backlinks, etc. They all play a factor to determine where an addiction rehabilitation facility will rank in the search engines. It is impossible to tell how much work each factor requires, but it can be said that the more work you put into your SEO plan, the better chance of your facility ranking higher.

#2 Social Media Marketing

First off, addiction treatment centers must create profiles on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They should make their accounts public so that anyone can follow them (although they may want to consider hiding the accounts from people under the age of 18).

They should also integrate their social media account with Google+ because this is one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise online.

Addiction treatment facilities can also sell products and services on sites like Facebook and Twitter for extra income.Addiction Treatment Facility

#3 Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is basically getting other people to help you sell your creative and unique product and addiction treatment facility. It involves the consumer’s first-hand experience with a company, and what they tell their friends about it. An example of this would be if someone went to an addiction treatment facility for alcoholism, then that individual would tell their friends about it. The friends would then begin to think about visiting that addiction treatment facility for themselves or loved ones, which would then boost sales.

Word of Mouth is a very powerful form of advertising with an average of 35% trust in the source. It’s what most customers rely on when making purchase decisions; people will listen to those who have experienced your product or service to get an idea of what they are actually buying.

#4 Strategic Partnerships

Many institutions want their way of treatment to be known. The best way for this is through strategic partnerships. An example of a possible partner would be charity groups, which are constantly looking to find places that can help them get the word out about what they do.

Another partner may be health care institutions, which are always in need of new referrals. Retailers may also want to partner with you, as consumers often go into a store to look for a specific item and leave having learned something new that they did not realize.

Another possible partnership is with other treatment facilities across the world. This kind of partnership will help reinforce the idea that your institution is part of a larger group of quality places that share the same common goals.

#5 Youtube Marketing

Different from other marketing methods, Youtube marketing involves the use of videos to promote your rehab or treatment facility. In fact, there are many benefits in using this method which includes:

– It is a cheaper method compared to television advertisements

– It allows you to show your treatment facility in its best light – it creates a sense of intimacy with viewers

– It is a more interactive method of advertising compared to print or digital media

With that being said, it is vital that you hire professionals who will take care of the production and editing of your videos. This way, you can expect better results.

#6 Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to get the word out about your service. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and most importantly media outlets such as newspapers and TV/radio stations to advertise your services.  We’ve found that local news outlets are very affordable and highly effective when it comes to advertising addiction treatment facilities. They are also very easy to work with.  Don’t be afraid of proposing an idea that’s outside the box. It’s important not to sound too sales-oriented when you approach them about advertising, but rather informative and helpful.

While it is important to have a high-quality website for your addiction treatment facility, it is equally as important that you know how to effectively advertise online. This means knowing what websites are best suited for advertising and which ones are not, which marketing tools are most effective, and social media tips. Keep all of this in mind when you are ready to advertise your addiction treatment facility and you will see that people within your target audience are making their way to you.