6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Apple Device

iPhone ImageApple devices are renowned in the tech market for their exceptional quality, longevity, and easy-to-use software. Be it the latest iPhone, iPad, or laptop, they all come under the spotlight once every year.

However, making a transition from an android to Apple’s star software, the iOS, does not come easy, which is why it is fundamental to know the essentials of purchasing the staple smart devices. If you too wish to jump on the Apple bandwagon, here are some of the top things you need to know before investing in an Apple device.

Bigger, Better Products Every Fall

Apple typically launches new products every September, which means that you can expect to see a new iPhone, iPad,  Watch, and MacBook every year. That is something you need to be wary about, especially if you are keen on purchasing new and improved cutting-edge technology so that you do not end up buying an older version.

The smartest move is to purchase your Apple device via your mobile plan provider so that you can easily give your old device in for newer ones. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have some of the best plans for the exchange option.

Fan of Sales? Best Not to Wait The Whole Year

Are you waiting for the killer Christmas sale to upgrade to the new iPhone? Your patience is not going to lead you anywhere when planning on investing in an iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone, never goes on sale. That is because everyone wants an iPhone, and the company always sells more units than they build. Due to this, Apple sees no reason to lower its profit margins.

Ultimately, it is best to buy Apple devices whenever you feel like, without the thought of any sales or cut downs hampering your decisions.

Too Heavy on The Pocket? Look for a Used or Refurbished Device

Apple is well-known for weighing our wallets down quite significantly. If you find the latest, pricey Apple device not worth a substantial investment, you can always opt for a used or refurbished device in mint condition. Refurbished devices are near to new, fixed by an authorized Apple repair professional. They work just like any other device does at a considerably lower cost. Sounds like a steal, doesn’t it?

However, due to the stringent privacy parameters instilled by Apple in all its devices, there is a possibility you may get locked out of using a device, especially a pre-owned iPhone. You will most likely encounter the iCloud activation lock, a security feature that keeps the phone and its data safe should it fall into the wrong hands. In order to remove the iCloud activation lock, you have several options, such as contacting apple support, using DNS, and more, so no need to fret over it.

Assessing Compatibility of iOS Versions

While there is no harm in buying used or older models of Apple products, it is best to purchase those that are still compatible with the latest Apple operating system or better known as the iOS.

Having up-to-date software on your device means that you have the liberty to access all the new applications and features designed for the latest Apple model without actually having to pay a hefty amount to use the latest additions.

Storage Constraints

Everyone uses their Apple devices differently, some for work as simple as texting and calling, others for fast-paced mobile gaming, and occasionally photography or videography. That brings us to the issue of storage constraints.

Many Apple device owners complain about paying a hefty amount only to get the bare minimum storage. Although Apple does offer comprehensive storage enhancing packages, not everyone is keen on spending extra bucks to make room for their heavy device files.

All in all, be sure to choose an Apple device with enough storage to hold all your necessary files together to make the most bang for your buck.

AppleCare: Apple’s Personal Warranty

Are you the kind of person who drops their phone often? Whatever the cause be, the resulting damage is far from pretty.  Whether it is a cracked screen or a bent and broken body, AppleCare’s extended warranty option is made for you.

The best part? You can completely replace your device for another 80 bucks in case of irreparable damages.Apple Logo

After reviewing the top things you need to know before buying an Apple device, if you are still convinced that investing in an Apple device is for you, then go ahead. It is time to make that long-awaited trip to your Apple store.