6 Important Items Every Motorcyclist Needs To Have

Feeling the rush of air while you zoom past everyone on your motorcycle is a breathtaking feeling of content and ecstasy. The gush of air leaving your body while you take control of your motorcycle’s speed feels like you’re not just riding your motor bicycle but you are riding your life instead. Being in control of the speed at which you’re going feels like you are in control of the time itself. You can go as fast as you want or bring a sudden halt to the world running beside you, stopping everything in a heartbeat. No wonder why all the bikers are in love with their motor bicycles.Sports Bike

Riding a motorbike is not just a means of transportation. But motorcycles are a means to enjoy your life a little more at a few high velocities. Nothing else can match the exciting feeling of control, superspeed, and thrilling rush, all in a single moment. With so much excitement and urgency to ride the motorcycle, people often forget to pick up the most essential motorbike items. Things that you should always carry along whenever you are taking your motor bicycle on a ride. These are called Motorcycle Essentials.

If you are a motorcyclist who loves riding his superspeed motorcycle but loses track of motorcycle essentials often, this article will help you make a list of things to memorize. Here are 6 important items every Motorcyclist needs to have before he kick starts his journey around the globe.

  1. Motorcycle Tool Kit with Spare Parts

A motorcyclist should know better than a motorcycle is just like other vehicles. It gets rougher and exhausts easily if ridden for longer durations. The engine gets heated up and starts making weird loud noises. The wheel chain might get unhooked or get caught up in the rear wheel. The worst and most common case scenario is the tire of your motorcycle losing an ear or maybe the tire tube bursts out completely.

Therefore, the logical move is to carry a motorcycle kit and some basic motorcycle spare parts along with you at all times. This may include spark plugs, tire tube, an extra wheel chain or a few pairs of its hooks, etc. As for the motorcycle kit, it should have a set of screwdrivers, a pair of wire cutters, a wrench of suitable sizes, a torch and some extra nuts and bolts.

  1. Helmet and Helmet Camera

The next thing which every motorcyclist must-have is the Helmet. A motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of motorcycle essentials as it is related to the security of the rider. while riding your motorcycle. The ideal helmet for you should fit easily on your head without being too loose or too tight.

Also, an ideal helmet has more features than ordinary ones. It provides protection and security to your face, your eyes and your head. It also has friendly additional features that can help to improve your motorcycling experience like buying a Helmet camera ensures that you don’t have to worry about riding on the roads alone.  There are many kinds of helmets available for you to purchase. Make a wise choice and only buy the one helmet that suits your head comfortably.

  1.  Eye Protection

Eyes are a very delicate part of your body and they must be well-protected at all costs. There are a few eye protection items that you can use other than using covered helmets. These include proper goggles or a full face mask that covers your eyes keeping them safe.

  1. Registration Papers and Bike Insurance

If you are new at motorcycling, you should know that you first need to register your motorcycle within the government records. Registration is necessary for every vehicle and it’s recommended that you always keep your registration papers along with you in your motorcycle kit. Similarly, if you have insured your motorcycle, you need to keep those documents along too.

  1. Riding Gear

When you are riding on a motorcycle, the speeds and all the messy environment can be your biggest enemies targeting your clothes first and then you. The mixture of dust and smoke can easily ruin your casual clothes therefore it is necessary that you only wear the proper riding gear when you are riding your motorbike. This includes wearing gloves, boots, jackets that are made of parachute materials so they are light yet effective.GPS

  1. License

The license of riding motorcycles is equally important as the registration papers. People usually receive challans and tickets because they don’t carry their documents along or their license has expired long ago. Always remember to keep your proper up-to-date riding license along with you to avoid getting pulled out from the traffic.

Enjoy riding your motorcycle and don’t forget to keep the above-mentioned things with you at all times. As for the preventative measures, you can also keep a medical first aid kit within your bike including bandages and few basic medicines.