5 Unique Careers You Never Knew Were Real

Choosing a career can be really challenging. Not only are there so many options out there worth considering, but you’ll also need to avoid jobs that are at risk of becoming obsolete, working conditions, job satisfaction, average pay, and various other factors in choosing the right career.

While a career counselor can help you pick the best path considering your unique ambitions and skills, it’s still worthwhile to know what’s out there unless you decide to become an entrepreneur.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the more unusual career opportunities.

Professional Poker Player

If you enjoy card games like classic Texas Hold ‘em or other poker games, you could invest more into your social hobby and become a professional poker player like WSOP bracelet winner Jeremy Wien.

Professional poker players earn a living by winning tournaments and championship games, as with many other types of sporting careers. When becoming a professional poker player, you’ll need to perfect your bluff and choose the right games that lead you to the big leagues. As with other sporting careers, you will need to embody a lot of ambition to be successful.

Rented Friends

Platforms such as RentAFriend will pay you to be someone’s friend for a day. Even though you won’t get rich overnight with this side hustle opportunity, you might make someone’s day.

Not everyone finds it easy to make friends; for some, making friends feels like an impossible feat. These platforms aim to make it easier for anyone to socialize.

Professional Bridesmaids

Professional bridesmaids differ substantially from wedding planners. These rented professionals will arrive on your big day and be the perfect emotional support system. While a professional bridesmaid won’t be helping you schedule the catering or find the perfect venue, she will ensure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible.

So if you’re planning your wedding anytime and aren’t entirely confident that any of your friends can manage the stressful role of the maid of honor, you could consider hiring a professional bridesmaid instead.

Hand/Foot Modeling

While hand and foot modeling has become somewhat popular as a side hustle, thanks to platforms like OnlyFans making waves, there are also real careers for hand and foot models.

Unlike the side hustle version that creates a market for niche adult content, professional hand and foot models market skincare products, fashion trends, jewelry, and other products. Hand and foot models also get paid relatively well; hand models can make upwards of $2000 per day, with some earning as much as $10,000 per day for a single shoot.

Professional Marmite Taster

Like most of us, you might assume that products are created, and production is entirely automated after that. However, quality control measures must still be implemented to ensure the results are perfect.

So when it comes to food products like marmite, peanut butter, and so many others, you’ll find there’s a professional food taster at the end of the quality control process every time.