5 Tips & Tricks for Your iPhone

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Meta – From the first iPhone that came out in 2007 to the latest version 15 in 2023, the marvelous device keeps amazing us with its powerful performance. And when this performance slows down, we need to know the tricks that can help.

One of the Apple gadgets with improved privacy and security systems is the iPhone. It is built with a variety of features that make it popular.  Tools such as Siri and face or fingerprint security enhance your user experience. Even if you are new to the iPhone, you can use a wide range of tips and methods to improve your experience with the phone. For instance, it has a feature that allows the extraction of text from videos or images. You can use another feature to hide your photos from prying eyes. Here are tips and tricks to help you utilize your phone more effectively.

1. Reverse image search

The internet is full of beautiful images. You could like one of them and want to learn more about it. The iPhone’s reverse image search is a feature that allows you to do this. Using it can give you access to an array of information. You can know who holds rights to the image and who has plagiarized it to use on their profile.

Additionally, you may find out which online visitors might have used false profile pictures. You can also learn the names of various types of images, like flowers, trees, and insects.  A reverse image search on your iPhone can be helpful when you are conducting an online search. Google or a third-party program can be used for this. Follow this simple way to do it and get the results you want.

  • Select the image that you want to do a reverse image search
  • On your iPhone, launch Safari application or Google Chrome
  • Open this URL:  images.google.com and search for the image. You may paste its link on the search Chrome search bar. 
  • When the image opens, tap on it
  • On the top right hand of your screen, tap on the Chrome lens button. It resembles a circle and inside it, it has three lines with different colors and a dot. 
  • Google Chrome will display all the look-alike images. You can tap on each image to zoom in and view its source details. 

2. Hide photos from snoopers

Snoopers will snoop on your photos for different reasons. Some might be interested in stealing them and uploading them online for malicious reasons. Others could be interested to know more about your relationships or the places you visit. The good thing is that you can hide them from them. This way, you will get control over which videos or photos will remain hidden. 

Every photo that you hide will be removed from the library and stored in the hidden album. This album remains locked unless you decide to grant access permissions. You may also decide to control screen time. This limits the amount of time another user can spend on your screen. You need to add your password or access code to enhance the hidden album’s security. It is easy to do that.

  • Under the Apple menu, tap the Settings button to open it
  • Navigate to the Photos button
  • Under the Show Hidden Album, tap disable.
  • You may also select the photos that you want to hide by tapping on the three dots and then tap Hide. 
  1. Sign Documents

Many official documents require you to sign in although you can sign in to documents for personal use. The sign-in option you use depends on the type of document you have. It could be an image, PDF, MS Word, or any other. One of the readily available options is to use your iPhone Mail application. Applications such as Adobe Acrobat also contain sign-in features. It enhances the security and tracking of your documents. To sign up with the Mail app, follow these steps.

  • On the document, tap the Markup button that looks like a sharpened pencil
  • Create your signature using one of the pens
  • When you are done, tap Done to save your signature. 
  1. Snag text from photos and video

Some photos and videos on your iPhone might contain text that you want to use. It could be you want to post videos on social media but with a specific text. You can extract text from your videos and photos on your iPhone.  This action will copy textual information related to the video or photo. You can even block, report, or filter the text if it looks junky or is from an unknown sender.

  • Under the Photos application, choose the video or image 
  • Long press the text that you want to copy. For videos, pause the video and then long-press the text. 
  • Select the part or all the text and then tap Copy.
  1.  Live wallpaper returns

A live wallpaper return ensures there is movement in the home and lock screen of your iPhone. It can be in the form of GIF animation or a fluid design. You can set designs on your screen that change its perspective consistently. You may set live waterfalls, moving animals, live sea life, and many more. 

Its purpose is to make your screen more attractive. Look for good quality wallpapers but also ensure it’s up to date. To get more from your iPhone, you can add soothing music to your library to listen to. The use of wireless earbuds lets you allow the live wallpaper to continue displaying even as you listen to your choice tunes. It is easy to set live wallpaper on your phone. 

  • Long press the side button 
  • On the right bottom corner, tap the + icon
  • Visit the Photos folder 
  • At the top, tap Live Photo
  • Select the live photos that you want 
  • Tap to set the photo to play on the home and lock screen


Your iPhone contains many features that make using it exciting. Apple is still adding new features with each iOS version it releases. Some of the latest features include hiding photos, snagging text, and live wallpapers. You should use each feature to your advantage and to enhance user experience.