5 Tested Tips to Ace the Google Ads Certification Exam

Did you feel a sense of relief on the day of your high school or college graduation? Finally, your student days are over. No more exams, homework, and studying, and you can finally earn your own money!

But the truth is, in the professional world, you will still encounter a multitude of certifications, courses, and tests. They are indispensable if you want to move up the career ladder and make a name for yourself in the industry. Some people even opt to go back to school and get a master’s or PhD to gain even more expertise in their fields. And all this new knowledge isn’t just for show. It’s also for you to put into practice in your actual, day-to-day work.

For those building a career in the digital marketing arena, one of the most useful certifications you can acquire is the one from Google Ads. If you are or want to become part of an established Google Ads agency like GrowMyAds, this certification exam is something you will have to take sooner or later. And because you have to take this test yearly, it’s the perfect way to stay updated with all the industry changes.

Currently, there are six types of certifications available. You can choose from Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping ads, Google Ads Apps, and Google Ads Measurement, or take all of the above. 

Why Do I Need to Get a Google Ads Certification? 

Investing some time and effort into passing this certification can provide you with a slew of benefits and make you a better digital marketing professional. Whether you work independently or with an agency, your clients will feel more at ease knowing they’re working with someone officially certified by Google.

Your company can also have the opportunity to become a Google Partner if at least 50% of its account strategists have a certification. Of course, there are other requirements. But ensuring you are certified can be your own way of contributing to your company.

The test itself doesn’t take long, but it can give you many benefits. So are you ready to buckle up for some study time and pass the exam with flying colors? Here are five practical tips before jumping into your Google Ads certification exam.

  1. Understand the Purpose and Parts of the Exam

Try not to think of the exam as an annoying chore that you have to get out of the way. It’s meant to assess your mastery and understanding of the various aspects of Google Ads. Remind yourself that all this reviewing and testing can make you more efficient at doing your job.

The test is completely free and conducted via an online platform called Skillshop. You will first have to create an account on the site to take the test. Each type of test has a 75-minute time limit. To pass, you have to score at least 80% within the given time. The exam is also available in over a dozen languages. You don’t necessarily have to take it in English if you use Google Ads primarily in another language.

Google itself provides a thorough study guide that you can access via your Google Ads platform. Get to know the different types of assessments and what specific skills and knowledge each one aims to test. That way, you know exactly what to prepare for.

  1. Practice Using Mock Tests

Aside from the content, one of the biggest things to consider about the Google Ads certification exam is the time limit. Sometimes your test-taking skills can be just as important as your knowledge of the subject matter. After all, going beyond the time limit will automatically make you fail the test, regardless if you’ve gotten every answer correct up to that point. 

The best way to get used to the format and time limit of the exam is to practice with mock tests. There are lots of free sample Google Ads tests available on the Internet. Use your own timer if the site doesn’t provide one. 

You can get a good idea of how much time you usually take, and you can work on improving your speed if needed. It’s also a way to test how much you’ve retained after each study session. Keep track of your improvement, so you can stay motivated at studying. All this can make things more familiar, and you will surely be more at ease on the test day.

  1. Use a Learning Method That Works for You

There are different types of learning styles that work for individuals. Get to know what type of learner you are, and use that to your advantage. You don’t always have to stick to the usual method of taking notes and highlighting them. Compared to when you were a student, you probably now have a better grasp of how you best learn things.

Head to YouTube if you’re an audiovisual learner. There’s a vast selection of YouTube videos dedicated to passing the Google Ads certification. Auditory learners can put on a podcast about Google Ads while taking notes. Look up infographics and flashcards on sites like Pinterest. You can print them out to practice with if you’re a kinesthetic type and need your hands to work with something. 

If you’re feeling creative, draw the concepts as colorful flowcharts or cycles. Or you can even try and teach someone, like your partner or roommate, what you have learned. Studies show that this is one of the best ways to learn something. If you get distracted easily, use the popular Pomodoro Technique to keep your study sessions short but frequent. Break your study time into 25-minute chunks interspersed with 5-minute breaks.

  1. Apply Your Knowledge Using Your Google Ads Account

Practical application of concepts and information is a wonderful way to absorb and retain them. At this point, you probably already have an active Google Ads account. While studying, test out the things you’ve jotted down on your existing account. Fiddle with the settings; keep track of what happens when you do this or that.

Experiencing this for yourself can give you a clear picture of the process and purpose of what you have studied. It can help the concepts go beyond just words on a screen to something that can improve how you do your work. 

5. Create a Backup Plan in Case of Device, Internet, or Power Failure

Once the exam timer has begun, you cannot pause or leave your current browser. Your efforts at studying and practicing might all go to waste if you run into technical issues during the exam. Make sure everything you need has been tested and ready to go before you start. And even if you live in an area that never gets any power or Internet outages, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. 

Prepare a backup laptop that’s fully charged in case the power goes out on the day of your exam or if your current laptop starts acting up. If you have a power bank or generator available, keep it within easy reach. A backup Internet connection, like a mobile hotspot on your phone, is also a must. That way, you can continue with the exam even if something goes wrong with your main connection.

While you can always retake the test a day later, it might mess up your momentum. And why wait around for one more day when you’re already ready?

After I Pass the Test, What’s Next?

Firstly, don’t forget to congratulate yourself on a job well done! You will receive a personalized certificate as proof. Then feel free to display your Google Ads certification or refer to yourself as certified wherever you want, like on your website, resume, or social media accounts. But check Google’s logo usage guidelines to avoid any issues! 

Once you have passed, your certification will be valid for only one year. After it expires, you will need to take the test again to renew your certification. Keep this in mind, as you may have to update or remove your certification info on your sites and profiles after expiry.

So that’s it! With these five tips, you can secure that certification in one try. But don’t pressure yourself too much. After all, you can always retake it. Good luck, and get a good night’s rest the night before.