5 Proven Ways Localization Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

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Unlike translation, which just modifies the language of a website, localization adapts all of its content to local expectations: images, colors, layout, visual cues, linguistic nuance, etc.

Localization is the most effective way to ensure that your marketing seems natural to new audiences worldwide, eventually leading to a boost in conversion rates across markets.

What is localization software?

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Businesses use localization software to adapt their products, be it a web or mobile app, website, or video game to the language and culture of their target markets. This is usually done once a business decides that it is time to expand to a new foreign market.

A modern localization solution ideally combines a translation management system, software localization features, and machine translation capabilities. The idea is to have a tool that can cover all localization aspects a company may need to deal with while expanding globally.

An enterprise-ready localization solution, the Phrase Localization Suite has helped companies around the world localize content efficiently and with the best quality possible. Phrase is built to automate, manage, and translate content that resonates and drives global growth.

5 proven ways localization can boost your conversion rates

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Localization is the ideal method for ensuring that your brand looks native to new audiences. That, consequently, leads to better conversion rates.

Localization boosts your reach

The sheer number of new prospective customers you reach will have a significant impact on your sales results.

If done right, adding even a single well-selected language for localization can significantly enhance conversion rates.

Attempting to enter new markets with a poor translation that demonstrates a lack of engagement with that market is like shooting yourself in the foot before you even begin.

When it comes to multilingual marketing strategy, some of the world’s best-known companies have never even given it a chance, which resulted in costly failure for them.

Make them feel at home

Even those with a high level of proficiency in multiple languages prefer to browse or read in their mother tongue.

This is much more evident when it comes to purchasing items. Numerous studies conducted on this topic demonstrate that the vast majority of individuals favor purchasing from websites in their native language.

Establishing trust with your audience is essential. For instance, you may understand a few words of Spanish. But would you purchase something from a Spanish-only website if you were unsure of what you were purchasing and the currency was foreign to you?

Most likely not, and neither would your prospective customers. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to address your prospects in their native tongue to establish a relationship built on mutual trust.

Better CX

One of the overall benefits of localizing a product is an improvement in the customer experience. This is one of the great outcomes of developing a product that is better suited for a specific market.

Your target market will be able to appreciate a product that’s a great fit for them if you tailor the product to their local culture, religion, slang, purchasing habits, imagery, and colors, among a wide range of other considerations.

Product localization

Depending on the circumstances, product localization may immediately result in higher sales figures in the market that your organization targets. Customers are more likely to complete the purchase if they have a better understanding of your product, including what it is, what it does, and why it is the best choice.

On the other hand, buyers may search for a simpler solution if they have problems understanding the product information or if they need to manually convert measurements and currencies.

Loyalty boost

At the end of the day, a great number of consumers choose to remain loyal to the brands that they love, regardless of whether or not there is an option available at a lower cost.

Even though the alternative can deliver the same result, the total customer experience provided by the selected brand is what compels customers to continue purchasing it. In addition, product localization is an essential component in the delivery of the highest quality service to customers.

Final words

In conclusion, paying close attention to how your brand is regarded in international markets not only results in a rise in sales but also enhances the customer experience and strengthens customer loyalty.

The proper localization of your content is absolutely necessary. So, do your best to find the right tech solution to help you advance through this process successfully.