5 key features to look for in an education software development company

Software is now a defining feature for many companies. Everything depends on the quality of your apps. The quality of your apps, in turn, depends on the developers. Finding the right education software development company is essential in this light. This article reviews five essential features to look for in a relevant business. One should look for experience and expertise, customization and flexibility, security and data privacy, good user experience knowledge, and strong support and maintenance.

Experience and expertise

Talent is crucial for a good developer, but it’s not everything. Experience and expertise are more important because they define the adaptability of a developer. If you want success, it’s essential to invest in professionals who have development experience. What are some of its key features? Expertise and experience stem from the number of successful projects in a portfolio and the education of the experts. Always look at the expertise of your specialists and the company with which you work.

Customization and flexibility

An important feature of our world is its propensity to change. Nothing is eternal. This means your software should reflect this philosophy: it should be as flexible as possible. If you want a high-quality experience while working with an educational software development company, look for partners who use popular programming languages and are ready to fit the software to your demands. The more choice you have in software development, the better.

Security and data privacy

Many education facilities work with sensitive data. They may have the addresses and names of the customers or even some financial information. A service incapable of ensuring the maximal security for this data encounters major risks. Hackers are always willing to use security problems to make our lives difficult and extort money. In this light, your education software company should have expertise in protecting data. One must use secure programming techniques and adhere to all safety standards in the IT industry. A strong idea is to ask the partners about their capabilities before you start full-scale cooperation.

User experience

To understand the importance of this point, we need an example. Many advanced computer users know that Linux is superior to MacOS in customizability and security. The reality is that only 1 to 2% of desktop users go for Linux distributions, and 15% use MacOS. What’s the reason? It’s not only about tradition: user experience matters too. Linux often requires strong computer knowledge and even some programming skills to be efficient. MacOS, contrary to that, tends to be an ‘install and forget system.’ This principle works in education software too. You can have flexible apps, but if their user experience is too difficult for learners, they’ll drop them. Search for firms with knowledge in user experience management. Your marketing depends on it!

Support and Maintenance

The final element education firms need for software is maintenance and support. Times change, and so should software. This means one must develop it with upgrades in mind. The best idea is to find a firm working with popular programming languages. Moreover, it should offer maintenance services for a suitable price. A vital element is documentation discipline: even if you change developers, there should be enough information to delegate the project to other individuals.


To summarize, you need to focus on experience and expertise, customization and flexibility, security and data privacy, user experience, and support and maintenance when searching for an education software development company. If you’re interested in such development, contact the professionals. We recommend KeenEthics: experts there know how to work with education software.