4 Guerilla marketing ideas that will blow your mind

Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy that uses unconventional methods to communicate your brands message.

The great thing about guerrilla marketing is that it doesn’t necessarily cost loads of money, and therefore, it’s open to brands and businesses of all sizes.

Guerilla marketing it’s more about using your imagination and creativity to find ways to arouse your customer’s emotions in connection with your brand.

We’re going to show you 4 different ideas, all of them very different, that will help to get your creative juices flowing and spark your imagination.

1 – Oversized floor decal in a public place

guerilla marketingThis enormous floor decal that has been stuck in a public place, for example, a shopping mall or a train station, is a fantastic example of guerilla marketing at its finest.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly 40% of houses in America have a dog (source).

That means 4 out of 10 people walk across this huge decal or see it from above and connect with it.

So for Frontline, it’s proved to be an excellent investment.

2 – Trying watches on without trying

guerilla marketingWhat a clever idea!

Walking into the watch shop and trying on the watches you see in the window is a significant barrier for shops to overcome.

This concept removes all of this hassle, and you try on the watch without even realizing it. And the best bit about this is that once you notice, it takes you by surprise and will stick in your mind.

We understand it’s not the same as trying on the actual watch. However, your brand is associated with a pleasant, surprising experience, which is a good thing.

And the best bit? The cost of this is incredibly low. It’s simply a few custom stickers stuck to hand loops on the tube or bus.

3 – The most effective street cleaning

guerilla marketingHere’s another idea that stands out. This brand has created a real surprise for the effort of a bit of cleaning plus a small custom printed floor decal.

The cost can’t have been more than $100, and thousands of people could walk across this each day and be pleasantly surprised and have a good interaction with this brand.

We would have added a call to action, for example, your company name just below the man to ensure passers-by knew what to do next.

4 – Street coffee

guerilla marketingHave you ever been to New York?

This brand certainly has and has made great use of the steam vents. Even now, writing this still makes me smile at how clever and effective this gorilla marketing campaign is, and I’ve seen it many times!

And all for the cost of a few stickers. It’s absolutely incredible. All it required was ingenuity and some creativity, plus some guts to go and stick them on the street.


Concluding thoughts

All of these ideas have a common theme. They are all highly visual and require the use of custom printed stickers to make them happen. If you agree with this marketing strategy and decide to use it. You can visit customsticker.com. This is a professional sticker maker. Their stickers are made of high-grade vinyl. Rich styles, not easy to fade. And there is a professional design team that can customize exclusive stickers according to your company’s advertising needs. Fulfill your order in minutes and have it shipped to you immediately. Unique ad creativity will help your brand stand out, which is a huge advantage. Why not think of your own guerrilla marketing concepts and go and grow your brand!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments below.