3 Smartest Ways to Boost Your SEO ROI


Businesses invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for various reasons. It includes boosting their brand awareness, reaching a wider target audience, and placing higher rankings on search engines. But SEO investment costs a significant amount of money, which is why business owners want to maximise their Return On Investments (ROI). If you want to get the most favourable SEO ROI for your company, you must use the best strategies to give you the best investment returns. 

Here are the top strategies that you must incorporate in your SEO plan to get the highest ROI as soon as possible. 

#1: Keep a Fast-Loading Mobile-Friendly Website

Your business needs a mobile-friendly website that loads as fast as possible. Popular search engines like Google determine the ranks in their search results pages based on the site’s mobile-friendliness and favourable page speed. 

Since 2018, the search engine giant uses speed as one of its landing page factors. It is particularly important on mobile pages. If your target users experience a slow-loading site on their mobiles, they will choose to abandon the site and avoid it completely. Ensure that your website loads as rapidly as possible, especially on mobile devices, to get the highest SEO ROI.  

Some of the best ways to speed up your website include compressing the site image, minimising the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS of the website, utilising external video hosts like YouTube, turning on the browser cache feature, and decreasing the server response rate. 

#2: Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

All SEO specialists know that keywords are a vital SEO component. It means you must look for relevant keywords and know those keywords’ search intent to ensure your website’s success online. You must also combine your keywords into the content and meta tags to help your target audience find your website and to place it on top of the search results page. 

There are two types of keywords, namely the short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. But between the two, the best SEO ROI usually comes from the use of long-tail keywords. 

Using long-tail keywords can boost your SEO strategy since it has lesser competition. For example, fewer people search for “70 cocoa dark chocolate for baking” because it is highly specific and intended for very specific search intent. Meanwhile, more people will use “dark chocolate” since it is more general. 

You may use various keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer to look for long-tail keywords. 

#3: Optimise Local Listings

Plenty of businesses know that local SEO helps a lot in their business. But not everyone knows that local search remains one of the best SEO strategies that will boost their ROI. The main reason for this is because local listings act as a research and discovery hub for Internet users. 

For example, people in your neighbourhood would want to look for a restaurant that offers takeout. Their search will provide them with a list of restaurants on the Google search results page. So if you want your company to have a high local presence, you must provide your company’s phone number, operating hours, websites, and other important contact details to help your prospective customers. 

You may also utilise local listing management tools to simplify the process.  

By maximising your business website’s SEO strategies, you will also boost your chances of having higher ROI in the fastest time frame possible. You may consult with your trusted SEO expert to help your company get the most out of your SEO strategies.