The 10 Most Influential People in Polish Poker

Even though there are more than 38 million people in Poland, the country does not have a strong industry around this game or a large poker audience. At the same time, it obtains a very favourable stance towards poker these days. This game is well organized and considered to be legal by the government in Poland.

Poker tournaments take place every year and are better regulated compared to countries where the game is even more popular. With this trend, we can see plenty of the top casino online options and people who play this game.

In this article, you will not learn about casino games and bonuses, but you will find a list of the best and most successful poker players from Poland.

1.    Dzmitry Urbanovich

He is regarded as the biggest-earning player in the gambling industry. His winnings make up more than 6.1 million dollars. Dzmitry was not always as successful as he is now because he started playing when he was a teenager. Then, he lost a lot. Over time, he learned how to win.

2.    Dominik Panka

Dominik Panka is a professional poker player who has been playing this game for more than ten years. He started in 2009, and the total winnings are over 3.1 million dollars. Dominik is also the winner of the 204 Player of the Year award.

3.    Bartlomiej Machon

The total earnings of this poker player make up 2.5 million dollars. He often takes part in partypoker LIVE tournaments and succeeded in Barcelona and Nottingham events. Even though he did not win much last year, he got 31 total cashes over the entire career.

4.    Sebastian Malec

He is one of the young poker players who should win a lot in the nearest future. Sebastian was born in 1995, but he has already managed to win more than 1.4 million dollars. He was only 21 when he took part in the 2016 EPT in Barcelona.

5.    Marcin `Goral` Horecki

He was the leading player on the Poland All Time Money List for a few years before some younger poker players surpassed him. The total winnings make up 1,4 million dollars. Before Marcin became a professional player, he was a part of the national alpine skiing team.

6.    Marcin Dziubdziela

This poker player crowned the GGMasters Player of the Year in 2021. Thanks to this, he received a few fantastic bonuses, such as 50 thousand dollars. Total earnings make up more than 150 thousand dollars, but he is expected to win more.

7.    Michael Gracz

Michael is a professional poker player who learned this game from his father. In 2005, he became the winner of the World Poker Tour and received 1.5 million dollars. In addition to playing this game, Michael was a commentator for the Fox Sports Net program.

8.    Wiktor Malinowski

This poker player prefers mid to high stakes, and he started taking part in live poker tournaments in 2019. In 2021, Wiktor managed to win at the Super High Roller Bowl Europe, where the first place prize was 3.6 thousand dollars.

9.    Henry Orenstein

Henry is one of the oldest poker players, who was born in 1923. He played this game professionally in the United States and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame due to the consistent winnings and records.

10.   Nic Szeremeta

This is a player of Polish and English descent. However, poker was not the only thing in his life because he was also the publisher of Poker Europe magazine. In addition to that, Nic was the creator of the Late Night Poker TV series. The total live tournament earnings made up more than 200 thousand dollars.